Quickload Adopts Solution to Load Lumber into Ocean Containers

March 29, 2011
Quickload CEF, a transload facility, has purchased a C-Loader to load finished lumber into ocean containers for export

Quickload CEF, a transload facility based in British Columbia, has purchased a C-Loader from Container Stuffers to load finished lumber into ocean containers for export. Based on its prior experiences based on a lease of the C-Loader, Quickload expects to improve its loading efficiency and productivity while reducing collateral damage to both product and containers.

“This will enable us to load containers three to four times as fast as can be done currently with the fleet of forklifts the company has,” says Matt Holland, president of Quickload. “Additionally, we have seen a very significant decline in our costs for equipment maintenance and container repairs.”

The C-Loader is specifically designed to load lumber or palletized goods into containers. As forklifts load 55,000-60,000 lbs. on the ruggedly constructed load platform, the C-Loader’s built in load scale weighing and balance system allows the operator to control the weight and balance to within desired limits. Then the load is transferred into the container in operation lasting less than four minutes.

Since opening when Fairview Terminal opened in 2007, Quickload has expanded its business from simply examining containers at Watson Island to owning a container examination facility on Ridley Island, stuffing containers with lumber, aluminum and other goods for export at Watson Island and a bit of unloading containers for transport by truck across North America, creating 65 direct and indirect jobs in the Prince Rupert area.

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