Blue Sky Logistics Announces Name Change

May 23, 2008
Blue Sky Logistics, Inc., a real-time supply chain visibility software provider, has changed its name to Blue Sky Technologies, Inc. The name change is expected to help shippers better identify the company’s role in the supply chain marketplace.

“With the word ‘logistics’ as part of our name, we found ourselves often being confused with being a third-party logistics provider or 3PL”, explains Steve Hensley, president, Blue Sky Technologies, Inc. “We would get phone calls for moving truckloads from point A to point B or we would get asked to manage a warehouse for a potential client. These are not our core competencies. Since our role is to help customers though visibility dashboard technology to better leverage their existing investments in supply chain infrastructure, changing the name seemed like the logical thing to do.”

Blue Sky Technologies was launched in 2003 to provide software solutions and services for customers looking to further optimize their supply chain networks. Since then, the company has added several major consumer goods suppliers and retailers to its customer list, including Stop & Shop, Whole Foods Markets, Harris Teeter and Staples.

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