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Aug. 1, 2008
Company Name: BDP International, Inc. Ownership: Private Stock Symbol: N/A US Headquarters: 510 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-629-8900 Website

Company Name: BDP International, Inc.

Ownership: Private

Stock Symbol: N/A

US Headquarters: 510 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 215-629-8900

Website URL: www.bdpinternational.com

Foreign Locations/Markets Served: A global network of wholly owned operations, joint ventures and affiliates in more than 120 countries, including more than 25 offices across the US.

Key Personnel: Richard Bolte, Jr. President and CEO

Year Founded: 1966

Number of Employees: 2,300

Mission Statement: BDP seeks to strengthen its market leadership position by leveraging its technology and quality of its staff to become the premier provider of global logistics and transportation solutions. The vision is to be the best provider of global logistics and transportation solutions.

Capabilities: Transport services including air, sea and domestic ground; export and import logistics; trade and security compliance; a Lead Logistics Provider; warehousing and distribution; project and energy logistics; chemical logistics; Humanitarian aid; and Centrx, a BDP knowledge venture engaged in logistics, transportation and trade management consulting.

Financial Rating/Stability: $1.6 billion in sales (2008 Estimate)

Ancillary Service Offered: BDP Global Network is an assemblage of logistics and transportation specialists. It is one of the industry's most prestigious mid market logistics affiliations, representing a select group of BDP and private third party providers with operations in more than 120 countries.

Technology Advantages: BDPXpedion is a comprehensive Web-based business process and information technology (IT) platform that enables a collaborative flow of decision-support communications between all parties in a logistics process. BDPSmart is a comprehensive online logistics customer portal providing global end-to-end visibility and proactive communications, supported by management-by-exception protocols via a single, Web-based interface.

Collaborative Partners: BDP's partnership strategy is built on a simple but powerful tenet: To forge prudent relationships with organizations whose strengths complement its core competencies — companies with good reputations, solid infrastructure and strong, local market knowledge.

Specialized Logistics Services: Centrx which focuses on improving processes and reducing costs related to the global supply chain in the chemical, consumer and health care, and retail vertical sectors.

How It Differentiates Itself: BDP subscribes to the market discipline of Customer Intimacy. Its approach to management of international logistics embodies service specialization rather than standardization within individual account relationships. While this model demands more hands-on account management, at BDP the achievement of service effectiveness and operating efficiency are not mutually exclusive. BDP is structured in two strategic business units dedicated to Global Process Accounts (GPA) and Customized Service Accounts (CSA). As a mid-market, non-asset based enterprise, BDP is small enough to care for its customers as customers rather than as a commodity, while large enough to leverage value on a global scale.

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