Knight Purchases Fuel-Saving Technology

Aug. 5, 2009
Knight Transportation Inc. purchased IDSC ExpertFuel software to optimize fuel purchases and route plans

Dry-van and refrigerated truckload carrier Knight Transportation Inc. expects “multi-million-dollar impact” from the purchase of IDSC ExpertFuel software from TMW. The company, which operates more than 3,700 trucks, is targeting fuel purchases.

“We felt IDSC ExpertFuel was a meaningful way to lower our fuel costs,” said David Jackson, Chief Financial Officer for Knight Transportation. With the software now installed for several months, Jackson and his team are seeing benefits. Driver compliance with fuel plans is up significantly and climbing. Drivers for the Phoenix-based company have had input to the new fuel program as well. They have helped fine-tune tractor burn rates and highlighted the need to raise allowable tank level minimums for travel in northern states, particularly during a colder-than-average North American winter

“The software allows us to include our terminal fuel locations amongst our over the road network of stops,” said Jackson. “Using real time pricing, the optimizer will direct our drivers to the best options. Whether diesel prices are high or low, pennies per gallon make a huge difference for our fleet.”

“As a rule, IDSC ExpertFuel customers enjoy savings of four to 11 cents per gallon, per truck. On average, customers see savings of four cents per gallon on a restricted network and eight cents per gallon on an unrestricted network,” explained TMW vice president David Schildmeyer.

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