APICS Joins Logistics Aid Network

March 4, 2009
The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) which aids in disaster response has added the professional association APICS as a member.

The 43,000-member Association for Operations Management (APICS) announced its alliance with the American Logistics Aid Network(ALAN). Formed in 2005 following the devastating Hurricane Katrina, ALAN is a collaborative association combining members of the leading trade associations representing all phases of the logistics and supply chain industries.

Through its coalition of 13 logistics, distribution, warehousing, transportation, procurement, and supply chain organizations, ALAN provides a gateway to humanitarian relief needs internationally. The group was formed to provide a mechanism for the private sector to work in concert with and assist governmental and relief agencies in response to a disaster, it says. . ALAN is able to call on the combined resources of thousands of companies across the country to develop supply chain processes and support agencies in the collection, routing and delivery of much-needed supplies to a disaster area.

"APICS is proud to be a member of ALAN. By formally engaging with ALAN to assist with humanitarian logistics efforts, APICS and its members will contribute to the success of relief projects across the globe," said Abe Eshkenazi, APICS Chief Executive Officer.

"This collaboration provides ALAN with access to the expansive APICS network of nearly 40,000 skilled operations and supply chain management professionals," noted John T. Menzies, president of ALAN. "We welcome APICS to our community of organizations that have mobilized to share their expertise in delivering resources to those in need."

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