Lose weight, freshen breath, track inventory - all at the same time

Sept. 15, 2004
LifeMax, the producer and marketer of Slim Mints, a diet mint that freshens breath and helps individuals lose weight, is using the WebForms service from

As a service offering, SPS Commerce's WebForms helps to eliminate the time and expense of implementing an in-house electronic data interchange (EDI) solution, and enables organizations to more rapidly comply with customers' requirements.

Since completing its first connection to a single retailer in April 2004, LifeMax's business has greatly expanded, resulting in the company establishing six additional connections. Today, LifeMax is meeting the electronic compliance requirements of Associated Wholesalers, Fred's Stores, Giant Eagle, Meijer, Rite Aid, Target and Wal-Mart for purchase orders, shipping notices, inventory status updates, planning and forecasting.

"Slim Mints are growing in popularity with sales hitting an all-time high," says Josh Felber, vice president of sales at LifeMax. "To work with many of the major retailers, LifeMax needed to quickly comply with our communications requirements. SPS' WebForm service enables us to start exchanging EDI with each new retailer in a very short period of time and without adding infrastructure. LifeMax was able to add new connections as it needed them, with seven connections completed in less than six months. This wouldn't have been possible with an in-house system."


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