DC Bypass Option Aids Medtech Manufacturers

April 1, 2009
Purolator USA helps medical device manufacturers in save time and cost on Canada shipments.

A novel distribution center bypass program reduces logistics costs and cuts delivery times for medical device manufacturers, according to Purolator USA. “Manufacturers have this notion that shipping to Canada has to involve at least one stop at a distribution center,” says John Jensen, Purolator USA director of sales. A leading provider of cross border logistics services, Purolator maintains operations throughout Canada that medical device manufacturers are increasingly tapping into to streamline their supply chain costs, says Jensen. Purolator’s presence in Canada allows manufacturers to transport shipments into Canada, and bring materials and returns back into the United States, he adds.

Medical device manufacturers can potentially reduce logistics costs and cut delivery times by taking advantage of distribution center bypass options. Purolator operates facilities throughout Canada, and has access to established distribution networks throughout the country. As a result, shipments are transported to the border, consolidated for more efficient cross-border processing, and then fed into a distribution network that will provide direct delivery to the end consumer.

“Avoiding a distribution center stopover can shave anywhere from two to 20 days from a distribution plan, and it can have innumerable cost benefits,” Jensen explained. “Device manufacturers will be able to alleviate the cost of maintaining Canadian distribution centers, and the associated inventory costs.”

Jensen noted that in addition to using Purolator USA for logistics services into Canada, many businesses are achieving cost efficiencies by using Purolator to transport their returns and other shipments back into the United States.

In addition to its facilities throughout New York State, Purolator USA has expanded into several US markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia and Raleigh/Durham.

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