3PL Taps Logistics Network to Monitor Security of Shipments

Feb. 4, 2010
Colombia’s Integrated Control and Logistics Services is leveraging an intelligence service and GPS technology from Savi to enhance visibility and control of tens of thousands of customer shipments

Integrated Control and Logistics Services (ICLS), a Colombia-based provider of logistics and security services for major importers and exporters, has signed a five-year contract with Savi Networks for its real-time intelligence service. The SaviTrak service, leveraging GPS and cellular networks, will enable ICLS to automatically monitor the location, security and condition of shipments transported from inland manufacturing locations to coastal ports, as well as cargo transported internationally.

Initially set up to track pharmaceutical and food product shipments between Cali and the Port of Buenaventura, the web-hosted intelligence service is designed to enable ICLS to improve the security and visibility of in-transit cargo. This should lead to reduced costs of physical security, product losses, claims and fines, while providing better customer service, improved operational efficiency and inventory management. SaviTrak is designed to reduce theft and loss, and provide a clear audit trail by detecting possible security breaches and collaborating in real-time with law enforcement authorities.

“The solution will allow us to reduce operational risks and costs while improving service to our customers who manufacture products in a wide range of industries,” says Alvaro Mauricio Duran, general manager of ICLS. “This technology will enable us to serve potential customers from Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador from any company facility to any final destination in the world.”

ICLS will utilize Savi Networks’ full family of GPS-based tracking and monitoring devices affixed to tens of thousands of cargo containers and shipments. The devices communicate the shipments’ location, security status and environmental conditions—such as temperature, humidity and shock—to the SaviTrak intelligence service via wireless cellular infrastructure, virtually anywhere, anytime.

In addition to the cargo security and monitoring benefits of the SaviTrak service, by associating products transported in specific containers, SaviTrak can help control and monitor in-transit inventory down to the stock keeping unit (SKU). Operating as a managed service, SaviTrak can be quickly and easily implemented or integrated into customers’ information systems.

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