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Sept. 1, 2008
Expeditors specializes in providing flexible logistics capabilities that start from the planning stage, and go all the way to the delivery of customer goods

Company Name: Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.

Ownership: Public

Stock Symbol: EXPD

US Headquarters: 1015 Third Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 206-674-3400

Website URL: www.expeditors.com

Foreign Locations/Markets Served: 226 locations worldwide. The company operates through a worldwide network of owned offices and exclusive or semi-exclusive agents

Key Personnel: Peter J. Rose, Chairman and CEO R. Jordan Gates, President, COO, Acting CFO, Treasurer

Year Founded: 1979

Number of Employees: 10,000 worldwide.

Mission Statement: To set the standard for excellence in global logistics through total commitment to quality in people and customer service, with superior financial results. To be the recognized industry leader, through total commitment to customer service, by maintaining its uncompromising integrity, in the support and development of its People, Communications and Systems in sustained growth and profitability.

Capabilities: Expeditors specializes in providing flexible logistics capabilities that start from the planning stage, and go all the way to the delivery of customer goods. The company listens to customer unique business needs and can jump into whichever part of the logistics supply chain the need exists.

Financial Rating/Stability: $3.9 Billion with net earnings of $304 million.

Technology Advantages: Expeditors views technology and systems development as a core business strategy and strength. It centrally develops and maintains its systems rather than purchasing or outsourcing these vital functions. It has one of the largest and most sophisticated international communications and data collection systems in the industry.

Modes of Transportation Utilized: The company generates its revenue from three principal sources: airfreight, ocean freight and customs and brokerage services. The company also provides additional services for its customers, including value added distribution, purchase order management, vendor consolidation, customs clearance, marine insurance and other value added international logistics services.

How It Differentiates ltself: As a non-asset based company, Expeditors is able to give clients several options for freight management. Investments are made in people and systems. Through organic growth, not acquisition, it provides clients and employees peace of mind knowing day to day business won't be disrupted by merger pains; its systems integrity is kept intact, not disrupted by companies whose business was founded on a different platform. Our customers are most interested in the quality and consistency of service we provide regardless of the country in which they're doing business.

Expeditors feels its global, balanced and integrated systems provide a competitive advantage within its industry. Its senior management has been instrumental in the development and direction of the company' s systems strategy and strives to ensure that its systems add value to both employees and customers.

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