Port of Indiana Receives Wind Turbine Blade Shipment

June 23, 2009
Bound for one of the world's largest wind farms, 94 giant wind turbine blades arrived at the Port of Indiana.

Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor received 94 giant wind turbine blades bound for one of the world's largest wind farms under construction in northwestern Indiana. The components, brought from Europe on the ship BBC Rhine, will be used in Phase I of the Meadow Lake Wind Farm, a 26,000 acre "clean energy" project in White and Benton counties, At full build-out it could have 600 turbines powering more than 250,000 homes.

The current shipment included 94 blades measuring 132-feet long by 10-feet high by 6-feet wide, as well as 30 power generators and 30 turbine hubs. The turbines were built by Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems, which has installed 38,000 turbines in over 60 countries since 1979. The Meadow Lake Wind Farm is owned by the Houston-based Horizon Wind Energy, which operates more than 15 wind farms across the US.

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