ThinkGeek's DC Strategy is to Think Up, Not Out

Sept. 16, 2010
Online retailer ThinkGeek has outsourced its warehousing and distribution operations to a shared-used facility managed by Exel

ThinkGeek, an online retailer of gift items aimed at technology professionals and enthusiasts, has signed a warehousing and fulfillment services contract with Exel, a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Exel will be ThinkGeek's sole e-commerce provider, shipping products to customers around the world.

Exel manages a 65,000-square-foot operation for the retailer out of a shared-use site in Lockbourne, Ohio. The facility features a three-level pick tower designed to condense space and reduce congestion by storing product up instead of out.

"The utilization of a shared-use facility will lower our overall distribution costs while still providing access to Exel's existing technology and expertise," says Caroline Offutt, president and general manager of ThinkGeek.

Specific services Exel provides at the facility include receiving, picking, packing and shipping. Operations are expected to ramp up considerably during the fourth quarter.

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