Top Manufacturers Form Green Packaging Organization

March 16, 2011
AMERIPEN, a new industry organization, will advocate for environmentally and economically sound packaging policy improvements

Several major U.S. corporations have created a new packaging trade organization, known as AMERIPEN. AMERIPEN will engage on public policies impacting the packaging value chain on topics related to packaging and the environment, and will represent the interests of the industry, which includes raw material producers, packaging manufacturers, packaging users and fillers, retailers and material recovery organizations. Corporate founders include The Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive, ConAgra Foods, The Dow Chemical Co., DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Kellogg Company, MeadWestvaco, Procter & Gamble, Sealed Air Corp. and Tetra Pak Inc.

Modeled after EUROPEN and INCPEN, the European and British counterparts, respectively, AMERIPEN will advocate packaging policy developments in North America focusing on measures that are environmentally and economically sound, as well as socially responsible. AMERIPEN, with a material-neutral approach, will encourage science-based decision-making on sustainable packaging initiatives and provide a point-of-view and guidance to policy makers and thought leaders on the value and role of packaging.

“AMERIPEN will further enhance the packaging value chain’s commitment to continuously improving its sustainability profile and reducing packaging waste,” says Joan Pierce, president of AMERIPEN. The organization will convey this message to opinion leaders in North America, Pierce notes, to help ensure that participants in the packaging value chain have maximum scope to innovate, compete and operate in a resource-efficient way.”

“Today, the complexity of environmental issues confronting packaging is greater than ever,” says Julian Carroll, managing director of EUROPEN. “Having a voice to represent common industry views of these matters and help shape public policy is an absolute essential. EUROPEN welcomes the formation of AMERIPEN, congratulates those who have led this initiative and recommends membership to every packaging value chain member.”

“With the emergence of extended producer responsibility and other potential packaging legislation in the coming years, this is a critical time for our industry to offer a compelling voice,” says Gail Tavill, AMERIPEN’s vice-president. “We’re committed to providing necessary expertise and insight to ensure sustainable management of packaging throughout its lifecycle.”

AMERIPEN will engage with thought leaders in the packaging industry, including trade associations, academic institutions, NGOs and government agencies to facilitate relevant research and identify key data and standards to advance AMERIPEN’S mission.

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