Rosenau Transport Gains Real-Time Visibility to Customers

Dec. 7, 2009
LTL carrier Rosenau Transport will provide real-time visibility to its customers thanks to its use of the Cheetah Freight solution.

Rosenau Transport LTD, a regional LTL carrier servicing most of Western Canada, has selected the Cheetah Freight solution to help improve dispatch, routing and customer service. Rosenau is implementing Cheetah Freight, an SaaS solution from Cheetah Software Services Inc., to provide real-time visibility to its customers, build a more environmentally friendly business, and reducing operating costs by making more stops in fewer miles.

Rosenau is initially focused on improving the information it provides to its customers on delivery and pickup status, while improving the efficiency and productivity of dispatchers and customer service reps. Shortly it will be implementing an advanced route optimization solution to reduce the miles driven and fuel used and thus reduce the carrier’s environmental impact.

To further enhance customer service, Rosenau is utilizing Motorola’s MC75 advanced wireless and GPS-enabled PDA to achieve real-time visibility and provide instantaneous proof-of-delivery (POD) signature capabilities. Rosenau can therefore provide signature-based POD to its customers within minutes rather than overnight, thus improving its billing cycles. In addition, Rosenau anticipates a 10-15% improvement in dispatcher and customer service representative efficiency via improved communications and supply chain visibility.

It’s believed that Cheetah Freight will enhance Rosenau’s operations in a number of ways, including real-time pickup and delivery status information that was previously unavailable with Rosenau’s paper-based manual system. Dispatchers will now be able to make decisions more efficiently regarding the best drivers to service on-demand pickups. Rosenau will also have access to information on pickup and delivery status that can be integrated into its backend systems for processing and will soon be available instantaneously to its customers via the Internet. Rosenau customers will improve their ability to plan and manage their own supply chains with real-time access to delivery and pickup status.

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