Adams and Son Changes Name to Adams Industries

Nov. 30, 2009
Adams and Son Trucking has changed its name to Adams Industries

Adams and Son Trucking Inc., a provider of trucking, warehousing and logistics services, has changed its name to Adams Industries Inc.

Founded in 1987 as Adams and Son Trucking, the company now maintains a fleet of nearly 100 late-model trucks, flatbed trailers, vans and specialized extendable trailers. The company’s capabilities include coordinating transload projects via dual-served rail access, and providing warehousing services with 700,000+ square feet of available indoor storage.

The company’s 550-acre facility has more than 140 acres of stabilized ground suitable for laydown applications concerning large, heavy and oversize commodities such as pipe, steel, concrete and wind tower components. Its centrally located site in Sidney, Neb., offers access to the country’s two largest railroads, BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad. The facility has the option of handling both unit trains and manifest cars.

The new name, Don Adams added, signals a commitment to the future. “In coming months, Adams Industries Inc. will expand its physical and logistical capabilities—adding more agents, trucks and 9,000 additional feet of private rail to the Sidney yard in the first quarter of 2010, for a total of nearly 35,000 feet of rail,” notes Don Adams, company president. The company also plans to increase the footprint of stabilized ground in addition to developing manufacturing space.

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