Crane Worldwide On Track to $1 Billion Target

Aug. 11, 2009
Launched in 2008, Crane Worldwide says that at the end of its first year of operation the global transportation company is on track to hit $1 billion at five to seven years

Crane Worldwide says it will reach its goal of $1 billion in revenues and 4,000 employees by its five- to seven-year mark. The Houston-based transportation and logistics services company set the goal when it launched in 2008. It has established 47 offices in 17 countries.

“It’s a unique time,” says John Magee, president of Crane Worldwide. “Manufacturers and logistics managers are really feeling the pressure. It’s difficult watching mass layoffs and slashed budgets across our customer base, because many times these are people we’ve known for decades and they’re hurting now. But the global slowdown has been good for Crane Worldwide’s growth. People are open to new ideas and partnerships,” he continued. “Five years ago, reinventing their supply chain wasn’t a priority. But with the downturn they have to get creative.”

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