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Interlocking Wheel Chock

March 7, 2013

Castell’s Salvo Chock is an interlocking wheel chock for restraint of straight trucks and other vehicles that cannot be locked out with a glad hand lock. It restrains vehicles at loading docks during loading or unloading using safety interlocking to eliminate human error and enforce safety procedures. If the chock is not properly fitted, the loading dock door cannot be opened. Drivers position the chock and clamp the two halves together around the wheel using a foot pedal, releasing the trapped key. The key is then transferred to the loading dock control panel, allowing the loader inside the warehouse to open the door and begin oading or unloading. To remove the chock, the loader must first close the loading dock door. The driver can then remove the key from the control panel and return it to the chock. Inserting the key unlocks the chock and traps the key until it is again properly fitted on a tire.


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