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Monitor Temperature Critical Products

June 12, 2013

CAS DataLoggers’ Accsense wireless monitoring and alarm systems help manage temperature-critical applications in cold chain storage, process monitoring, industrial cleanrooms and many other applications. They also monitor other important values including humidity, current/voltage and more. These cloud-based solutions send out email, text message and phone alarms to multiple designees in the event of unsafe temperatures or other developing conditions. Continual monitoring is especially useful after hours and on weekends. Several models connect to a variety of sensors including thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, digital, pressure and more, providing for online monitoring. Wireless systems use internal and external sensors to remotely collect data.  Sensor pods can be placed in packing rooms, inside coolers, or installed to monitor heavy machinery, and have a wireless range extending to 250’ outdoors and 90’ indoors without obstructions. Each wireless gateway can support up to 16 sensor pods, which can also act as repeaters to boost the wireless range even further.

CAS Data Loggers

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