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Kane adds CNG to its Fleet [New Products]

June 5, 2014

Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. announced it is expanding its transportation fleet with seven compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered trucks manufactured by Volvo Trucks. The Volvo VNL daycab models feature a 12-liter Cummins-Westport ISX12 G engine, and are designed to have excellent maneuverability. Each truck’s range is approximately 425 miles between fueling. Due to its abundant supply, domestically produced natural gas is less expensive and cleaner burning than other fossil fuels. The CNG-powered vehicles will produce up to 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions and significantly less smog-producing pollutants than their petroleum-fueled counterparts. Advances in vehicle technology now make it feasible to use CNG-powered commercial trucks for long hauls and in the mountainous terrain of the northeastern and western states.

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