Mhlnews 3255 Eco Shield

FDA-Compliant Packaging [New Products]

July 16, 2014

Cortec’s EcoShield paper and linerboard are coated with a water based barrier coating and is fully recyclable / repulpable while displaying barrier properties said to be better than those of wax or polyethylene coated paper or linerboards. Oil and grease resistance combine moisture barrier properties and oil and grease resistivity into one step. EcoShield complies  with FDA regulations under 21 code of Federal Regulations for food contact. It can be used in applications where direct or indirect food contact may occur. The product was tested according to the Fibre Box Assn. Voluntary Standard for Repulpability and showed excellent performance. It was also tested according to ASTM E-96, 23°C, 50% RH, Example test ranges for: EcoShield Barrier Paper, a comparable polyethylene coated paper (40# 3msf paper, 6# PE coating) and commerical waxed paper.

Cortec Corporation

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