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Monitor Temperature Compliance [New Product]

Aug. 21, 2014

Corintech’s FilesThruTheAir is an environmental monitoring solution combining advanced WiFi sensors with a remote Cloud-based data logging service. Measuring temperature and humidity, data logged on FilesThruTheAir WiFi sensors is universally accessible from any Internet enabled device through the FilesThruTheAir Cloud-based monitoring platform. The sensors communicate via any existing WiFi connection, updating the data automatically to the Cloud, simplifying the data gathering process. The browser-based interface takes the user through the set-up process step by step. Users can choose between three levels of Cloud account, from a free entry-level service for simple implementations and to a comprehensive professional service that supports unlimited devices in multiple locations and can enable data to be accessed by multiple users. The WiFi sensors can be used in medical and pharmaceutical environments, logistics and storage, food and drink, site management, farming and horticulture and within the retail industry. Specific use cases cover the distribution and storage of chilled food and drink products, monitoring of critical manufacturing processes, meeting temperature compliance regulations for vaccine storage and logging the same data in greenhouses for optimum seed germination and product growth.


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