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3PLs Grow Revenue in Second Quarter

Aug. 22, 2014
The latest Transportation Intermediaries Association numbers are based on 1.53 million shipments and over $2.95 billion in total revenue for Q2 2014.

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has released the 2nd Quarter 2014: TIA 3PL Market Report and the results show that TIA members’ revenue increased.

The second quarter of 2014 was positive overall for members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, according to TIA’s 2nd Quarter 2014: TIA 3PL Market Report.  Total shipments, total revenue, invoice amount per shipment and gross profit margin percent increased by almost 8%, 12.6%, 4.4% and 60 basis points respectively. DOE fuel cost per gallon decreased modestly by 0.4% in the period.

The report represented over 1.53 million shipments and over $2.95 billion in total revenue for Q2 2014. It separates performance by the core services each 3PL offers. Nearly 98% of all revenue was derived from over-the-road truckload (TL), rail intermodal (IM) and Less-than-Truckload (LTL). Below is a comparison of performance for the 3 primary modes in Q2 2014 versus Q1 2014:

Mode Summary Q214 vs. Q114





Total Shipments




Invoice Amount/Load




Total Invoice Dollars




Margin %

80 Basis Points

30 Basis Points


“3PLs continued to grow, expand, and change their businesses,” said TIA President & CEO Robert Voltmann. "This is TIA’s 23rd quarterly report on the 3PL industry. The report indicates that 3PLs continue to expand their services. The percent of 3PLs offering intermodal and LTL continues to increase each quarter and 100% of all 3PLs report activity in TL.”

The 21-page report is based on a monthly survey of TIA members who submit real operating data, and answer questions on business conditions affecting the 3PL industry.

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