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TRNet Drops Land Air Express from Coalition

Jan. 14, 2016
The Reliance Network, a coalition of trucking companies, has dropped Land Air Express of New England as a partner.

Beleaguered less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier company Land Air Express of New England, which was shut down late last month by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for various safety violations, has been dropped by The Reliance Network (TRNet), an intercontinental coalition that provides trucking and freight services to the United States and Canada. Those violations reportedly included failure to test drivers for drug and alcohol use. Current members of TRN include Averitt Express, Canadian Freightways Kingsway, Lakeville Motor Express, Mountain Valley Express, Peninsula Truck Lines, and Pitt Ohio.

According to Geoff Muessig, executive director of TRNet, when Land Air was shut down on December 29, TRNet carriers “worked proactively to recover and deliver all shipments that were destined for Land Air’s network in New York and New England.”

Following negotiations with the FMCSA, Land Air was allowed to restart operations, on a conditional basis. One of those conditions is that the agency will closely monitor Land Air’s safety practices for the next two years.

However, according to a Wall Street Journal report written by Brian Baskin, it remains to be seen whether Land Air remains in operation for two more years. Many Land Air customers have already shifted their freight to other carriers, the WSJ reports, and as a result, the company has laid off some staff, closed two terminals in New Jersey, and is seeking emergency funding.

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