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Recruiting Truck Drivers Using an App

Nov. 29, 2018
A new app, Driver Reach says it can speed up the hiring process by nearly 30%.

With no end in sight to the trucker shortage, companies are open to any type of solution. Using technology to find drivers is a logical step in the recruiting process. So it's not surprising to find that there is an app out there that is currently helping companies find talent. Created in 2016,  DriverReach turns the job application process digital and provides employers with a dashboard.

Founded in Indianapolis by Jeremy Reymer, the company describes its mission as “ raising the driver recruiting standard through our purpose-built platform supported by our team of experts with over 60 combined years of industry experience.”

Rymer has experience in the field and for fourteen years, led regional CDL driver staffing company, Driving Ambition, before selling it in 2017. 

In an article on xconomy by Sarah Schmid Stevenson, Reymer said that “many companies are using outdated systems to recruit drivers. With DriverReach, the hiring process is sped up by nearly 30% thanks to digital job applications that can be completed via smartphone and automated verification of previous employment, he says. The app has a job application and driver contracting system, as well as customer relationship management capabilities.

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