Canada Moves Forward with Autonomous Truck Testing

Canada Moves Forward with Autonomous Truck Testing

Feb. 5, 2019
The trucks will be must be equipped with SAE level 1 or 2 technology.

On January 22, 2019, Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation  is  expanding its 10-year pilot project to test and evaluate the use of automated vehicles (AVs) on Ontario roadways

The government announced a pilot program for cooperative truck platooning (Platoon Pilot). A cooperative truck platoon means two or more commercial motor vehicles that use an advanced driver assistance system and vehicle-to-vehicle communication system to travel in a convoy where the vehicles steer, accelerate and brake cooperatively and synchronously.

The Ministry is allowing a limited pilot of truck platoons to demonstrate their potential, compatibility with existing road users and infrastructure and confirm their overall safety.

As the number of participants is limited, not all applicants who apply and satisfy the preconditions to participation may be approved. Conditions to participation in the Platoon Pilot include:

  • Trucks must be equipped with SAE level 1 or 2 technology
  • A driver is required in each AV to steer and take over full manual control of the AV if required
  • A maximum of three AVs is permitted in each platoon
  • The platoon must only operate on certain designated highways, which include portions of the 400 series of highways, and only with notice and approval from the Ministry of the days and times of testing
  • Reporting requirements, including an annual report, as well as the requirement to complete daily reports to be provided to the Ministry on demand
  • Limits on the types of cargo that may be carried
  • A declaration of the cybersecurity measures taken by the applicant

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