Despite Labor Dispute Ship Unloading Resumes at West Coast Ports Photo Courtesy of Port of Los Angeles

Despite Labor Dispute, Ship Unloading Resumes at West Coast Ports

While both sides in the labor dispute question the tactics being used, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that yesterday dockworkers resumed unloading ships at West Coast ports.

The group representing the shippers, The Pacific Maritime Association, said it stopped the weekend unloading of ships because it didn’t want to pay overtime to workers who, they allege, have deliberately slowed operations to gain leverage during contract talks. But the unions have denied engaging in such a slowdown tactic.

In the article Andrew Khouri explained the uncertainty of the situation.

Fears of a shutdown at the 29 West Coast ports have risen recently. Last week, the employer group’s president, Jim McKenna, said ongoing congestion could soon make the ports inoperable, leading employers to halt operations.

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