Small-Format Pallet for Front-Door Deliveries [New Product] ORBIS Corporation

Small-Format Pallet for Front-Door Deliveries [New Product]

ORBIS Corporation’s 42 x 30 small-format HP Pallet is designed to optimize the supply chain of small footprint retailers by eliminating product touches dur­ing the order replenishment process, from distribution center (DC) to store to floor. The pallet is delivered to the store and used as a replenishment vehicle at the point of sale. Once pallets arrive at the retailer, they can be moved directly to the floor, reducing labor costs and maximizing storage space. Its 30” width allows for easy access through narrow doorways and tight store aisles. Its contoured corners won’t damage product and the solid body construction accommodates a variety of load sizes and weights. It features a 20 lb tare weight, ergonomic hand holes and molded-in stretch wrap notches in each pallet corner.

ORBIS Corporation



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