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Pallet Strapping Machine [New Product]

May 29, 2014

Mosca GmbH’s KZV-111 pallet strapping machine uses SoniXs ultrasonic technology and double straps up to 61 units per hour. The machine can be easily integrated into existing production lines and operates with PP or PET straps. A strap tension balance system evenly distributes strap tension across the entire package surface. This is especially useful for rigid products. Strap tension is nearly equal at all strapping contact points for added stability. Optimized components, including an extremely narrow sealing top platen, make it easy to handle pallets with uneven load levels. The machine flexibly straps the different packing heights. Companies can order the KZV-111 with optional high-speed drive for vertical double strapping at up to 80 cycles per hour.

Mosca GmbH

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