Create Cushions for Void-Fill Sealed Air

Create Cushions for Void-Fill

Sealed Air’s Fill-Air R5 film can be used on the Fill-Air 2000 and Fill-Air Cyclone packaging systems to quickly create air-filled cushions for void-fill applications, requiring no change-out from existing void-fill equipment. It lowers carbon footprint compared to standard Fill-Air Select and Ultra films and is capable of being reused or recycled. The film contains a minimum of 10 percent thermo plastic starch (TPS) resin, which is derived from an annually renewable source. The resin also contains a minimum of 10 percent pre-consumer recycledcontent derived from film manufacturing facilities. The film may be recycled with polyolefin films through local recyclers or by sending it to the Ameripak Recycling Center.  

Sealed Air


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