Customizable Tote [New Product] Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries, Inc. company

Customizable Tote [New Product]

Akro-Mils’ Multi-Load Tote can be used as a stand-alone tote, or with optional, removable bin cups and dividers to create individual compartments within the tote. The sidewall clip design allows the cups and dividers to attach quickly and securely to the tote. Individual cups can be removed from the tote for easy handling at a picking or packing station. The tote features a reinforced flat bottom for smooth conveyor travel, and ribbed sidewalls and a reinforced rim for maximum durability and long service life. This stackable container also features large label areas. It is suitable for use in mini-load automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyor systems, order picking and packing, and general storage and logistics applications.

Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries, Inc. company



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