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Warehouse Market to Increase 24% By 2030

The Warehousing Hall of Shame

April 21, 2015
There's no shortage of bad judgment in material handling, but this slideshow offers up some truly shameful worst practices in warehousing.

Thanks to YouTube, instances of worst practices in warehousing can now be immortalized, sometimes for laughs but more often, as lessons learned in how not to do something. These 10 videos make up a veritable Warehousing Hall of Shame, although we suspect there will be another class of inductees sometime down the road, as there seems to be no end in sight of examples of how to endanger people, ruin products and even wipe out entire buildings through carelessness, haste, or just being cheap.

Click on the words "this video" in the descriptions of these 10 slides to watch the entire shameful gallery of bad warehousing.