Mobile-Device-Directed Picking [Product]

Power Pick Global, now accessible on a RF/mobile device, can provide inventory control for an entire warehouse. It helps manage SKUs stored in dynamic storage and retrieval systems as well as SKUs stored in other locations such as rack, shelving and drawer systems. Workers can view pick lists, inventory counts and part locations on the mobile device, eliminating the need for paper pick lists that slow workers down. With this mobile, handheld computer workers have multiple orders ready for picking. The device shows the SKU number, location, quantity to pick and order number. It sequences the picks and leads the worker through the warehouse in the quickest, most optimal path, saving time and increasing productivity. When a SKU location is empty, Power Pick Global releases the location making it available for a new SKU to be stored. This helps increase the density within the storage unit and minimizes empty space.

Kardex Remstar, LLC


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