Modular Chain Conveyor for Small Parts [Product] Dorner Conveyors

Modular Chain Conveyor for Small Parts [Product]

Dorner’s 2200 Series SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform is well suited for small-part handling, thanks to its power transfer features that smoothly transfers parts as small as 3” diameter on and off the conveyor for improved performance. The power transfer can be integrated into the conveyor in two different designs: drive tail or idler end. The direction in which product is moving on the conveyor dictates which power transfer to use: the drive tail is used when product is flowing off the conveyor, and the idler end is used when product is flowing onto the conveyor. Both options are slave-driven from the conveyor’s motor. This modular chain conveyor can be configured to wrap around machinery and equipment in the packaging, food, medical and assembly industries.

Dorner Conveyors


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