Narrow Picking Cart for 2-Way Traffic [New Products]

Narrow Picking Cart for 2-Way Traffic [New Products]

Creform Corporation’s narrow picking cart design is stable yet easily maneuvered for operating and passing in space restrictive aisles.  Two carts should pass easily in an aisle while also allowing room for pickers to easily walk around them to load boxes. The carts are suited for order picking or kitting operations that face the challenges of narrow aisles in warehouses or component storage areas.  The cart has angled shelves, canted to provide good ergonomics and content visibility of boxes or totes. The cart footprint is 31" x 86" and is designed to hold up to 600lb. It has ergo-vertical C-shaped handles with cross bars on either end that make it easy to push while allowing automatic hand positioning for different height associates.  For convenience it has a cup holder and a small storage bin to hold incidental supplies.      

Creform Corporation


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