SI Systems Acquires Innovative Automation

Warehouse software is now an integral part of the company’s new strategy in the material handling market.

SI Systems, a subsidiary of Paragon Technologies, Inc., acquired Innovative Automation Inc. (“IA”), a provider of warehouse control systems (WCS) and warehouse management systems (WMS), based in San Diego, California. The move is part of an overall shift in SI Systems’ strategy to redefine and strengthen its position in the material handling marketplace, offering order fulfillment solutions through their regional integrator market channel.

IA’s WCS and WMS offerings are based on a “versioned product approach,” which streamlines customization made over time for specific customers by incorporating them into the baseline product.

“A truly versioned software product such as this fits well with the SI Systems model and strategy of focusing on distribution through regional integrators,” stated Larry Strayhorn, president and CEO of Paragon. “This will enable SI Systems to expand its order fulfillment technology suite and offering to a growing market segment."

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