AIM North America Releases RFID Knowledge Base

AIM North America announces the publication of the "RFID Knowledge Base," an interactive CD containing key educational information about RFID technologies and solutions designed to address informational needs of systems integrators and VARs.

The "RFID Knowledge Base" is a compilation of material published in AIM’s "RFID Connections" e-newsletter, material contributed by AIM North America member companies, and material from independent sources. The content includes an Introduction to RFID, Case Studies, RFID Basics, Justifying and Implementing RFID, RFID Issues and Insights, and Additional Resources and Related Links.

"The Knowledge Base is a comprehensive resource for anyone in need of understanding RFID technology and its application," stated Dan Mullen, president of AIM. "The incredible demand for accurate information about RFID in North America is apparent and AIM is a natural resource for this information."

"RFID Knowledge Base" can be ordered on-line at or by contacting the AIM office at 724-934-4470.

As a not-for-profit industry organization, AIM North America is the regional chapter of the global organization for Automatic Identification and Mobility. AIM North America’s mission is to stimulate the understanding, adoption and use of automatic identification and mobility solutions in North America by providing timely, unbiased and commercial-free news and information.

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