Retalix and Dot Foods Partner to Offer Distributors a Virtual Storefront

Sept. 1, 2005
Retalix USA (Plano, Tex.), a software supplier for the food and consumer goods retail and distribution industries, saysDot Foods, Inc. (Mt. Sterling,

Retalix USA (Plano, Tex.), a software supplier for the food and consumer goods retail and distribution industries, says Dot Foods, Inc. (Mt. Sterling, Ill.), a leading food redistributor in the U.S., is now a Certified Partner of Retalix.

With six distribution centers across the U.S., Dot Foods serves distributors nationwide in the foodservice, retail, convenience, equipment and supplies, vending and ingredient channels. Dot offers a selection of more than 60,000 products from over 550 suppliers delivered weekly to its 3,500 customers through a fleet of over 500 multi-temp tractor-trailers.

As a Retalix Certified Partner, Dot Foods will offer Retalix distributor customers an electronic interface to enable electronic ordering and the Dot Foods Virtual Storefront program. Through this program, distributors can increase sales by offering 20,000 additional items to their customers without stocking the product and crowding valuable warehouse space. Dot shares product and price information with the distributor, allowing the distributor to sell a wider amount of products to operators. These products are warehoused by Dot Foods and can be specially picked for cross-dock handling and quick delivery by the distributor to their operators.

Retalix customers will now be able to easily implement the Dot Foods Virtual Storefront program through the Retalix Power Integrator, a turnkey interface into the Retalix Power Enterprise software suite.

"Dot continues to look for tools our distributor customers can use to benefit their business growth and profitability," says Richard Tracy, Dot Foods vice president. "The system interface soon to be available through Retalix will be an additional way to provide electronic visibility for all Dot Foods products so that these `virtual' items can be successfully sold to operator customers without slotting them. The end result being a greatly expanded product offering at a relatively low cost to serve."

Retalix customers implementing the Virtual Storefront will receive price and catalog updates electronically, enabling visibility of these items for both sales and customer viewing. According to Retalix, the connectivity will minimize the technology effort or expertise required from the distributor and will also reduce or eliminate the expense of typical EDI implementations.

In addition, shared customers can conduct electronic order management directly with Dot Foods through Retalix Power Integrator, enabling purchase orders, confirmations, ship notices and invoices to be shared in a fully integrated environment.

Source: Retalix USA