Staff Management Launches New Safety Awareness Program

July 1, 2004
Jerry Wimer, senior director of operations for Staff Management, a provider of vendor on-premise staffing and management solutions, announced the establishment

Jerry Wimer, senior director of operations for Staff Management, a provider of vendor on-premise staffing and management solutions, announced the establishment of a new safety program that instructs and enforces on-the-job safety for temp employees and managers it places on site for its customers. The awareness program, monitored by Staff Management’s Safety Council, utilizes several of the newer industry specific safety guidelines for job safety.

“Workplace safety is always a concern for both employers and employees in today’s environment,” said Wimer in announcing the safety awareness program. “We established this program, known as COPS (Communication, Observation, Prevention equals Safety) in 2000, and have recently enhanced the important initiative to further ensure safety on the job at all times. Today, manufacturing and distribution environments are enhancing their technology and equipment so rapidly that we felt it was critical to develop increasingly innovative ways to guide our on-site associates and their clients through these changes without involving significant expenses.”

The newly enhanced version of the safety program updates and redefines the mission of the Staff Management’s eight-member Safety Council. Today, the COPS team works in conjunction with Staff Management’s new Think University, the company’s online training tool, which allows associates and managers to learn new safety techniques, run online demos, participate in live courses and seek advice from faculty members and other managers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The COPS safety program includes additional training in safety measures that are industry specific, such as food and beverage, manufacturing and other unique industries.

The Council also utilizes Staff Management’s pioneered software program, RiskWise, to remain current with advancing technologies. Staff Management provides on-site management, and RiskWise, with its custom-built database, tracks and manages timely safety records and standards for the entire contract workforce for each of its clients, providing tangible, measurable results at each location. Acting as an arm of Staff Management’s existing loss prevention program, RiskWise enables the agency’s clients to be fully protected from many of the problems associated with contract labor costs. The COPS teams also conduct monthly safety calls with lead on-site managers to share best practices and proactively address environmental changes that require new safety initiatives. As a group, Staff Management’s Safety Council can then measure, monitor and record efforts, and offer advice on how to better promote awareness and prevent accidents accordingly. The group can also brainstorm with on-site safety leaders for additional ways to achieve their goals.

Staff Management’s Safety Council is making COPS safety kits available to each of its field offices to further reinforce this important objective. Each kit will contain newsletters, safety posters, brochures and other key reminders to help keep safety in the forefront of employees’ minds in order to maintain constant communications and create safer work environments.

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