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Bulk Recycling Containers

Bulk Recycling Containers

Meese Orbitron Dunne pioneered the design and development of nearly every type of recycling truck in operation today. MOD offers a complete range of rugged forkliftable recycling containers and bulk recycling trucks that speed material collection and promote efficiency in over-the-road transport. Lockable designs for HIPAA security, paper sorters, extra-durable casters, custom colors, recycling logos and other options are available. Or talk to our award-winning product design team about custom designing your new containers and trucks.

This Poly-Trux® 50P-16 recycling cart has a lockable lid to secure sensitive materials during collection and storage. A sliding, hinged lid promotes easy operation and accommodates frequent locking and unlocking. It's ideal for compliance with the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, Title II) which requires the privacy of health data to be protected.

The 50P-16 recycling cart also fits neatly three across in a standard trailer to maximize space efficiency during over the road transportation and cut the number of trips required for collection. It measures a precise 28-1/2” and can be rolled straight on and off of the trailers without being turned around. Outdated, 32” wide canvas postal carts still require unwieldy turns and awkward rotations to unload. Its rugged, weatherproof, rotationally molded polyethylene construction thrives in continuous, punishing operation.

MOD tilt trucks enable one person to collect, transport and dump paper, bottles and other materials easily and efficiently. MOD tilt trucks are rotationally molded from weatherproof, chemical-resistant polyethylene for long-lasting strength, durability and performance. A variety of sizes and casters accommodates payloads up to 2,000 pounds in 2-1/2 cubic yards of capacity.

The P-291 and P-333 series bulk containers maximize shipping, handling and storage efficiencies. They cube out tractor trailers stacking 2-3 high and 2 across. The arrangement safely accommodates up to 600 lbs. of office paper, bottles, food packaging, newspapers and other waste products in each container. It is especially effective operating in tandem with the 50P-16 recycling cart and/or the tilt trucks. Multiple loads of paper or other materials collected in the recycle trucks are dumped into the forkliftable P-291 bulk recycling container, which is hauled over the road to the recycling facility when filled.

For smart returns, the bulk containers nest five- to seven-high and in storage, they nest or stack even higher.

Now the P-291 and P-333 series bulk containers are available with optional caster arrangements. When full, they are handled by forklift and when empty, they may be moved by a single person.

For more pictures, details and specs, go to or call to order 800.829.4535.

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