Crane Gets Power Plant Out of a Hole

MASONTOWN, Pa.-The right crane can do the lifting, even in a difficult spot. But it takes people-seasoned crane experts-to figure outthe "how." A general contractor for a power plant with an outage called ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania to help them retube a major boiler to restore power at a power plant.

The job entailed lifting out the old boiler parts and lowering the new ones, but there was a catch. The only place to put the 500-ton Liebherr hydraulic truck crane for access to the boiler was in a very tight space, a deep hole immediately adjacent to the building. It took nine months of planning to figure out the solution-and more than a week to assemble the crane (with the assistance of a 130-ton RT crane). The jib had to be landed onto a fifth-floor level of the building and assembled there. A Y-guy boom suspension superlift attachment provided extra capacity.

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