AlpVision, a leading solution provider for brand protection and security printing disclosed this new product and demonstrated it live at Creative Packaging in Paris. With AlpVision a simple click on a camera phone can distinguish genuine brand products from fakes.

With packaging secured with AlpVision’s patented Cryptoglyph covert security solution, a picture taken with a mobile camera phone can identify products as genuine or not.

The picture is sent via the mobile network to a security server and analyzed to detect the presence of the covert Cryptoglyph. Note that it is impossible to replicate the Cryptoglyph. The server can be managed by the brand owner or by a trusted third party. If detected, the embedded, ciphered information is decoded instantly identifying the batch or serial number of the product as well as other information contained in the security data base. The solution also provides instant detection of possible grey market activity.

An SMS is sent automatically back to the camera phone confirming the product as genuine or fake as well as indicating possible fraudulent re-importation.

First developed to help field controllers performing off the shelf inspection of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, the solution may be extended and given to end-consumers either for buying on the street or over the Internet.
Cryptoglyph is the only covert (invisible) brand protection solution using standard visible ink and standard packaging production lines. Millions of products and documents are already successfully protected by AlpVision.

For more information contact: Roland Meylan, [email protected] Phone: +4121 948 6464

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