DH Pace Opens New Doors in Warehousing

DH Pace (Kansas City, Mo.) have selected Bridgelogix, a provider of mobile solutions for the Infor Baan ERP platform, to help the company with its Lean initiatives.

DH Pace is a distributor of overhead doors with numerous facilities throughout the United States. DH Pace annual sales revenues exceed $140 million--sales that include everything from residential garage doors to commercial installations. The company's vision is "to provide and maintain safe, secure and functional openings in all types of commercial and residential facilities, which consistently exceed customer expectations." To ensure this, DH Pace set forth some aggressive objectives for the future.

In 2005, DH Pace unveiled a new corporate initiative called Pace/2010. Its purpose is to provide employees with the resources necessary to successfully compete in the marketplace of the future. DH Pace has a proud history of growth and accomplishment. The Pace/2010 initiative is designed to supplement this strong tradition and ensure that the company continues to serve its customers effectively and efficiently in the years to come.

"One highlight of this initiative includes 'leaning' business processes through a dynamic Lean Six Sigma program," explained Chris Mann, senior v.p. of business systems for DH Pace. "Another point in the initiative was the importance of adopting mission specific technologies that improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction. And that is where the search for a barcode solution began, mainly to enhance our warehouse operations."

"We chose Bridgelogix and the Bridge2Barcode solution because it supported the Lean Six Sigma philosophy adopted by the company. This program is designed to: (1) reduce costs by eliminating wasted time and effort, (2) increase speed to market by leaning business processes and (3) accelerate the company's learning curve by establishing performance measurements for all key business processes," said Mann. "Making lean a part of the company culture, along with Bridge2Barcode, will allow us to deliver to customers what they need - when they need it - at the lowest possible price."

Bridgelogix's (Tulsa, Okla.) Bridge2Barcode is a data collection solution include features that assist any company using Baan or ERPLN in maximizing their investment. The Bridge2Barcode component design lends itself to mirroring a company's unique business processes with the ability to combine multiple Baan transactions into a single step, simplifying day-to-day tasks and thereby increasing job performance and satisfaction - all without customizing Baan sources.

In order to streamline warehouse operations and to maximize functionality in Infor Baan, DH Pace will be using Bridge²Barcode for Baan IV in several areas, including receiving, inventory management, picking and sales order/service order returns. Personalizations for this project are related to service order outbounding and project items inventory. The DH Pace Bridge2Barcode implementation is a 50 user/device project using Symbol hardware.

"Technology continues to fundamentally change the way we learn, communicate and organize ourselves in our personal and professional lives. DH Pace recognizes that adopting mission specific technologies that improve employee productivity is a critical issue to the future competitiveness of any organization," Mann said.

Source: Bridgelogix

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