SALEM, N.H.- Gates Mectrol, Inc. has launched PosiClean, a positive drive food grade conveyor belt specifically for the food processing industry. With its unique, patented Gates Mectrol design, PosiClean is the only food grade belt reinforced with Kevlar® cord. So there’s little or no stretch, or ”tooth jump,” over long-term use. Its smooth surface finish also cuts cleanup costs to a minimum. USDA accepted for meat and poultry processing equipment and dairy processing. “It’s positively everything food processing plant production line managers need today in advanced, dependable belting,” said Chad Young, General Manager of Gates Mectrol, Inc.

Designed to be especially smooth and seamless, PosiClean can be cleaned-in-place to the microbiological level. This health safeguard improvement allows food processors to minimize the labor, downtime, and wastewater associated with traditional offline belt cleaning. As a further benefit in food processing plants, PosiClean accommodates a powerful positive drive that can carry heavy loads without slipping.

“PosiClean truly is the ideal retrofit for today’s most popular food grade belting,” commented Gerhard Fickenwirth, Product Manager at Gates Mectrol, “and that includes homogenous urethane, modular plastic and traditional flat belt designs.”

“It all adds up,” Chad Young pointed out, “PosiClean reduces downtime, increases productivity and cuts maintenance costs to a minimum. And we can prove it.”

“I can say with assurance”, Young added, “Today’s big news in belting technology is coming from Gates Mectrol and it’s all positive. We simply call it PosiClean.”

Gates Mectrol is offering a free sample kit demonstrating PosiClean’s breakthrough technology. Just visit www.gatesmectrol.com/posiclean

Gates Mectrol Inc. is a global manufacturer of conveyor belts and motion control components. Products include linear, backed vacuum and profile belts and pulleys. Gates Mectrol, Inc. is a Tomkins company.

Gates Mectrol, Inc.
Chad Young, 603-890-1515
General Manager
[email protected]

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