Pregis Hybrid Cushioning Film

Pregis Hybrid Cushioning Film

Pregis Corp. launches HC Renew, a low-density polyethylene film containing an organic additive that accelerates microbial biodegradation without compromising recyclability.

Hybrid cushioning film has small, multiple air chambers, unlike traditional void-fill pillows, which have one large cushion. Flat, perforated rollstock is mounted onto Pregis’ AirSpeed HC machine, which creates rows of small, air-filled pockets by transferring air into the individual chambers. This creates a cushioning structure that is stronger than traditional single-cell pillows, according to Pregis.

In addition, HC Renew contains no heavy metals or salts and can be transported in high-temperature conditions. It will not begin to biodegrade until it is disposed of in a microbe-rich environment, such as a landfill. Complete biodegradation typically occurs within one to five years, depending on conditions. HC Renew contains up to 10% recycled content.

Three different cell heights are available: small (3/4-inch), medium (1-inch) and large (1 ¼-inches). The film is available in pre-perforated lengths of 6-inch (small and medium cell sizes) or 7-inch (large cells) increments.

Pregis Corp.

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