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SaaS for Labor Management

SaaS for Labor Management

TZA has launched software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for its ProTrack Warehouse Labor Management System and its ProTrack Drivers Labor Management System.

SaaS is an attractive alternative to the escalating costs of IT hardware, personnel, support and maintenance. It also answers concerns over data security in the event of power failures or unforeseen interruptions. Companies pay only for active users of the system. This results in a lower cost of ownership because TZA is bundling into a single fee all necessary hardware, software and support services such as implementation, training, help desk, troubleshooting, upgrades, security and business continuity. Customers access and use the application on the Internet through any browser. Additionally, TZA will manage all upgrades for its ProTrack systems.

The web-based ProTrack provides executives with real-time views of warehouse associate productivity and utilization levels, adding intelligence and aiding in guiding operational improvements while lowering costs. Components include:
calculation of discreet standards, labor planning and forecasting, quality tracking, learning curve management, alerting, incentive pay calculation, discipline management and ad-hoc corporate reporting.


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