CINCINNATI, OH – SofTak™ from Michelman Inc. is a new, easy to apply, gluable water-based product that increases the angle of skid of paper. SofTak can be used on slip or tie sheets for preventing slipping of a wide variety of items including palletized loads, boxes and furniture. SofTak coated paper can also be used for temporary flooring where skid resistance is critical, or as protective floor mats for highly-polished surfaces.With its suede-like feel after drying, SofTak is also ideal for packaging jewelry or perfume, or for a myriad of other possible applications. SofTak is glueable with a wide range of hot-melt or water-based cold-set adhesives and is print receptive. A film-forming coating, SofTak has a high coefficient of friction and is repulpable in both acid and alkaline systems. An alternative to spray applications, SofTak is easy to run, and can be applied with conventional corrugated equipment such as blade, roll and rod coaters at either the wet or dry end of the corrugator. It can also be applied offline to create pre-coated rollstock. Suggested coating weights for expected performance are 3 to 4 wet pounds/MSF (15 to 20 gsm). Expected angle of skid range from 30 to 45 degrees, depending on application rate and substrate characteristics.

Michelman, Inc. is a global manufacturer of performance-enhancing waterbased functional and decorative coatings for the paperboard and corrugated box industries; and inline coating application equipment for webbed paper and paperboard substrates.

For more information about SofTak or other Michelman products, please contact:
Michelman, Inc.
9080 Shell Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: 1-800-333-1723.
Fax: 513-793-2504.

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