Software Improves Order Picking

Software Improves Order Picking

FastPic5 Transaction Processor (TXP) software optimizes picking from automated storage and retrieval systems, such as Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels and pick-to-light devices, for improved order picking speed and accuracy in logistics operations.

The software interfaces with a host WMS or ERP software system to enable host directed pick, put, return, count orders, and item retrieval by kit or bill of materials. The software can import individual order information, in text or data format, from the host system, as well as handle batch-picking operations directed by the host system.

FastPic5 TXP software provides bar code scanning and host integration, bar code label printing and lot and serial number tracking. The software can manage picking activities for a single workstation or multiple work zones and provides real time inventory status and detailed managerial reports for added control of inventory and picking efficiency.

FastPic Systems

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