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Extreme Logistics II: Hop Aboard the Panda Express

One of the most popular blogs ever posted to this site featured the story of two hippopotamuses being moved from one end of the Philadelphia Zoo to another. But as well received as that story was, we knew you wanted more. As impressive as the hippo story was, it was basically self-contained.

As the follow-up to that first in our occasional series of “Extreme Logistics” adventures, this time out we've got international intrigue aplenty, as the story begins in Chengdu, China, home of Tian Tian (aka Sweetie) and Yang Guang (aka Sunshine), two giant pandas, and ends in Edinburgh, Scotland. We've got material handling (the video in fact begins aboard a lift truck), we've got packaging (customized containers for the pandas), we've got transportation both domestic (full-length trucks and express delivery vehicles) and international (the flight of the FedEx Panda Express). And we've got a spell-binding plotline, as the first video below ends on a note of intrigue.

Best of all [SPOILER ALERT], we've got a heart-warming happy ending courtesy of the second video. Enjoy.

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