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Using AI to Reconfigure a Robotic Warehouse
Technology & Automation

Using AI to Reconfigure a Robotic Warehouse

March 26, 2024
MIT researchers have found a method to decongest robot traffic four times faster.
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Transportation & Distribution

Window Closing on Cheap Plentiful Freight for Shippers

April 18, 2017
Sorry, shippers: Though the economy is improving, capacity is getting tighter and transportation rates are rising.
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Transportation & Distribution

Calm before the Supply Chain Storm

Jan. 23, 2017
Shippers and truckers alike won't find much to cheer about this year based on market projections.
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Transportation & Distribution

The Good, the Bad and the Trump Plan: Freight Recovery Could Go Either Way

Dec. 9, 2016
Trump's plans to roll back some of the Obama Administration's regulations could have a big impact on freight shipments, but probably not for a while.
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Transportation & Distribution

Are the Good Times Really Over for Good?

Nov. 6, 2016
Brief spell of positive shipper conditions will be short lived.
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Transportation & Distribution

Shippers Are Doing Fine in 2016... At Least, So Far

April 18, 2016
Capacity is currently sufficient to meet the demands of the market. That will probably change later in the year.
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Transportation & Distribution

Neutral Is the New Full-Speed-Ahead

Feb. 26, 2016
As the market stabilizes into a consistent mediocrity, shippers are benefiting from cheap fuel and ample capacity.
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Transportation & Distribution

Bloated Inventories Are Slowing US Logistics

Jan. 25, 2016
High inventories are a big problem for shippers, and recent moves by the Federal Reserve aren't helping the situation.
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Global Supply Chain

Slowdown in the Supply Chain

Dec. 28, 2015
Things are about as good as they’re likely to get for shippers, at least for the immediate future.