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You Think You Ought to be Paid HOW Much?!?

What do you think a good supply chain manager ought to be paid? Go on, think of a number, and by all means, use your own salary as a baseline. A year ago when we asked that question of our readers, we learned that the average salary for a material handling and logistics manager was just a hair over $80,000. We're crunching the numbers right now for the MH&L 2011 Salary Survey, and if you're in Chicago for the ProMat 2011 show, you can find out whether salaries have gone up, down or pretty much stayed the same.

MH&L (along with our Distinguished Competition) will be presenting a session on March 22 at 3:00 pm that reveals the answer to the always relevant question: “What are you worth and why?” Click on the video below for a sneak preview of the session.

Without giving away too much (the full results will be published in our March 2011 magazine, as well as posted in its entirety here on the website), I can tell you that while overall job satisfaction is about the same as it was a year ago, the number of respondents who say they are “very satisfied” took a big drop, with most of them opting for the somewhat less enthusiastic option of “satisfied.”

There is also a troubling “satisfaction gap” among respondents who were asked about their choosing material handling and logistics as a career path, with a big drop from a year ago in the number of “very satisfied's” and an increase in those who opted for “neither satisfied nor unsatisfied.” One reason for the dissatisfaction could be that nearly half of all respondents say it's been more than five years since their last promotion.

We'll take a deep dive into all the final results next month. Stay tuned.

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