LED Fixture Offers Long-Lasting Light [New Product]

LED Fixture Offers Long-Lasting Light [New Product]

Big Ass Fans offers a high-bay LED fixture made from a solid piece of anodized, extruded aluminum with ribbed fins at the top to increase surface area. The design allows the entire structure to act as a heat sink, moving heat away from the fixture and, most importantly, the LEDs. This enables the LEDs to stay brighter longer. The fixture comes with a seven-year warranty for all parts, including the power supplies. The lumen maintenance trays on the fixture protect the LEDs and can easily be wiped down or replaced to allow the light to shine fully. The lens trays also protect the LEDs from common mishaps and hazards, such as forklifts, reducing both the likelihood of damage and the need for replacement.  The fixture is predicted to maintain 70 percent of its initial light output for up to 150,000 hours and offers an efficiency of 110 lumens per watt.

Big Ass Fans


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